– FREE Profile Tool House Sitters should Use

While it is super important to have a compelling, well written profile live on the house sitting websites, it is also a very good idea to have your own website with an easy to remember domain name. As mentioned in the video overview below, when you are talking with someone in the street, over the…

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What ONE Thing will You Focus On This Year?


It all starts with a decision. Energy flows where focus goes – no doubt you’ve heard that a million times and its true.  Making a decision to create or manifest the life experience, the house sit, the business or new income stream is the first step – next is to focus on that one thing…

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How to Make Money Traveling – First Choose a Income Stream that ‘Fits You’!


One of the most frequently asked questions in our House Sitting World Facebook Group, outside of the house sitting how-to’s, is “How do you make money traveling?” which of course can be reframed into “How can I make money traveling?”. When you are inspired by others who are doing it, it gives you such an…

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One Habit House Sitters & Owners might want to “Let Go Of”


I must say that when I watched Natalie Sisson’s video that invited the topic of ‘habits & people to let go of when they no longer serve you’, I had a stream of thoughts flowing with so many things to talk about… but this Blog Challenge wants us to focus on just one habit to…

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The Wake Up Call to Reduce Online Dependency & Really Enjoy each House Sitting Experience


I used to be a loud and proud multi-tasker.  But then I heard that it was lowering my IQ! During 2 years of international house sitting discovering cultures that place lifestyle at a slower pace as a priority, I’ve began dropping that old story and am now focusing on becoming more present with just one…

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House Sitting Chores Made Easy With Google Drive Spreadsheets


We had a big list of tasks and chores on a 4 month long House Sit in SW France back in 2013.  It was our 3rd ever house sit and a big one that we wanted to make a good impression on.  In order to keep up and ensure that all the tasks were completed…

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Most Important Actions For Sitters, Owners & Digital Nomads To Focus On


Oops – today I was a bit naughty… As I wanted to record a video for yesterday’s blog challenge topic, I took the opportunity to jump ahead for ‘Day 2′ and record the next video post and thus made a bit of an assumption about the pre-listed topic of ‘Most Important Action’ for what I…

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Variety Is The Spice of Life! Every House Sit has a Different Daily Routine


Despite having a LOT going on in our House Sitting World at this time, we have risen to the occasion to take part in the ’15 Days to Freedom’ Blog Challenge by Natalie Sisson, The Suitcase Entrepreneur. This is actually great news for you because it means that every day for the next 2 weeks…

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The New House Sitting World Website & Blog


What’s happening behind the scenes at House Sitting World? Well in celebrating the first birthday of the Facebook Group named ‘House Sitting World’ we decided to create a website and blog to showcase some of the amazing people that do such an amazing job of maintaining the great reputation of the House Sitting concept. And…

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