House Sitting World

House Sitting World is the name of a Facebook Group started in December 2013 by Nat Smith & Jodie Thompson.

Fulltime international house sitters themselves, Nat & Jodie started receiving a lot of requests from home owners but they obviously couldn't get to all of them but wanted to be able to recommend other reliable quality house sitters who might be available.  They scoured the net trying to find a way to communicate with other sitters with no results, thus the Facebook Group was born.

In the first year of hosting the group which is similar to a forum, many new house sitters have experienced their first gigs, many experienced house sitters have provided a great service to their owners by recommending quality people and many home owners have been given an insight into the high level of service that dedicated house sitters provide.  The group currently grows by over 100 new members a week and is a source of open communication, advice and assistance to sitters, owners and general travel buffs.

Very soon the House Sitting World website will be launching bringing much of the valuable knowledge that has been shared in the first 12 months of the Facebook group into an easy reference website.

Stay tuned as we get build this site from the ground up as a labour of love with the help of some of our incredible group members.

Until then, please come and meet your inspiring comrades in the group...