EP 13: The Rewards for Going Above & Beyond

EPISODE 13 - Gail & Randy

  Episode 13 Inspiring retired couple Gail and Randy sold up their Canadian home, threw caution the wind, and started living a life of adventure and love. Hear how they spend most of the year traveling while still having enough ‘home time’ to be with family and how house sitting contributes to both needs. In…

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EP 12: Two Pets Deaths Haven’t Stopped this Aussie Family of 5

EPISODE 12 - Frosties

  Episode 12 We love the Frost Family… hailing all the way from the very south of Australia in Tasmania (the last stop before Antarctica!) they are on a quest to bring adventure into their lives as they travel as a family of five around the world. While on their travels they have been supplementing…

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EP 11: Who Says Solo Males Can’t Go House Sitting?

EPISODE 11 - Martin

  Episode 11 Single house sitter Martin is busting the myth among house sitters and home owners alike. Sitting now for over 8 years, he has shown no problems at all in securing sits as a solo male… in fact he can’t keep up with all the requests! In this episode we chat to our…

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EP 10: Life Has a Whole New Meaning Since this House Sitting Job!

EPISODE 10 - Josie

  Episode 10 Josie Schneider is not only a house sitting legend, but a house sitting veteran. Since 2010, she has seen most things house sitting can throw at a person. Her blog, HouseSittingTravel.com, was one of the first blogs we found when searching for fellow sitters and even though Josie & Conrad take more regular…

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EP 09: Following the Sun from Tuscany to the Caribbean

  Episode 09 Yvonne and Michael have Paradise pretty much sewn up when it comes to house sitting, as they go from gig to gig in the stunning Caribbean Islands. But their nomadic lifestyle did actually start in Europe where they went above and beyond the call of duty in their home owners garden. 3…

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EP 08: A Frozen House To Sit

EPISODE 08 - Fred & Carol

  Episode 08 Carol & Fred Kaatz have a great approach to house sitting and after selling their business in Alaska, have traveled with no real agenda, managing to tick off a few bucket list items along the way. Spending time in Alaska certainly meant they were offay with cold weather, in fact freezing weather,…

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EP 07: Truly Stepping Into Life with House Sitting

EPISODE 07 - Lisa May

  Episode 07 Had enough of the rat race? Maybe it’s time to go house sitting! That is exactly what Lisa May did back in early 2015. But the journey started a lot earlier than that as she started to realize that as her daughters started living their own lives, she was free to start…

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EP 06: Caribbean Island Owners Get Sitters to Go Sitting!

EPISODE 06 - Island Owners

  Episode 06 While traveling the world house sitting, what do you do to keep your home (or island in this case) safe and secure? Get House Sitters of course! Ian Usher & Vanessa Anderson are true adventurers!  This episode was recorded while they are living in China teaching English and earning a very healthy…

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EP 05: Globetrotter Girl Evacuates Luxury Beachfront House Sit During Hurricane

EPISODE 05 - Hurricane (1)

Episode 05 Globetrotter Girl, Dani, not only had to evacuate a luxury beach side home in the Caribbean when a hurricane was on it’s way, but then returned to a massive clean up in the aftermath! This travel writer, photographer, author & freelancer never really thought about the threat of a ‘real’ hurricane having been…

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