PR: New Mobile Magazine Reveals How Volunteer House Sitters Save Pet Owners Big Expenses

A brand new mobile magazine, now available on iTunes, packed full of ideas and advice for home and pet owners, as well as caring travel enthusiasts, aligns perfectly with a fast growing trend for unique international lifestyle experiences.

House Sitting World magazine acknowledges that pets are now considered to be as important as children in many families, and many home and pet owners with travel plans, are fast tiring of staggering pet sitting and kennel costs, instead choosing to experience the money saving benefits of volunteer house sitters.

These days many house sitters are happy to house/pet sit for free in exchange for a comfortable retreat in a new location.  In fact, many Expat home and pet owners have been using the free services of international house sitters for years.

As fulltime international house sitters themselves, the creators of this mobile magazine, are dedicated to spreading the concept across the globe. “Our aim is to let home and pet owners everywhere know they can actually travel more with less worries and expense by engaging volunteer house sitters.” says Jodie Thompson, Publishing Director.

And soon people from all walks of life, all around the world, will be able to download the informative and entertaining digital magazine,  ‘House Sitting World’ via any tablet or mobile device. “Our magazine is currently available on the iTunes appstore for iPad & iPhone and the plan is to be published on all Android and Kindle devices as soon as possible.” adds Thompson.

The monthly magazine focuses on interviews with home owners, shares expert house sitter advice, stories from full-time travelers, inspiring travel experiences, and offers pet care information and heartwarming stories about animals that are much more settled in their home environment.

Thompson and her partner, Nat Smith, also host a Facebook group for experienced and budding house sitters along with home and pet owners from across the globe. “We’ve been blown away by the requests to join this free group” Smith continues, “especially since being recently interviewed on top rating Travel podcasts, ‘Zero to Travel’ and ‘International Real Estate Listings‘, the response to this new trend in travel has been incredible!”

And all good timing for the couple’s plans for the mobile magazine as well as their much talked about, upcoming podcast show.

To claim a 7 day Free Trial of the magazine visit the iTunes appstore (see link below):


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