How can I find a doctor in a foreign country?

IAMAT:   Medical care and support to travelers for over 50 years

Have you considered what’s involved in getting medical care while in a foreign country where you don’t speak the local language?

While house sitting in Greece, Louise cut a finger on some wire fence in the chicken coop.  Although we treated the eviawound, it didn’t prevent infection and she needed medical treatment.  The nearby village clinic was closed that day and the “local” hospital was about a 1 hour drive.  Thankfully, our friend Alex who is fluent in both English and Greek, volunteered to come along “just in case”.  We’re happy that he did and later we talked about how things might have gone had he not been with us.

When we returned to Canada, we learned of a non-profit international organization we think is a fantastic resource for travelers – regardless of nationality.

The International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers, IAMAT – has over 50 years of experience providing medical and mental health services to international travelers.  Their network of English speaking, often bi-lingual doctors extends to over 300 cities and 80 countries.

IAMAT has a network of doctors in 300 cities

IAMAT’s physicians and mental health practitioners provide both emergency and non-critical care, referrals to specialists, reports to your personal physician and help with navigating the local health care system.  They advocate for you if you have any issues during your medical care.

medical-picIAMAT offers travelers country specific health advice online or in person, vaccinations, medical and mental health care access.  Membership is free for the first year and by donation in subsequent years.  When you donate, you’ll be issued a tax receipt as they are a registered charity in Canada and the USA.  Importantly, they are not a travel insurance provider.

Vaccination information on all countries

What they offer is a wealth of information and support, and prepare you in advance for your required vaccinations.  Their website, lets you research country health advisories and vaccination requirements prior to your travel.

Did you know that a trip to Fiji requires you to have a current influenza vaccination?  Or that entry to Costa Rica through Panama is predicated on having had a Yellow Fever vaccine?

The IAMAT website allows you to find IAMAT approved doctors in over 300 cities.  The organization has a set fee schedule globally ranging from $100 – $170 USD for your consultation depending on the time of day or night, if they are coming to your hotel or home, or meeting in the doctor’s office.  Note that you may incur additional expenses for setting bones, x-rays or specialized health services.

As IAMAT practitioners work with travelers, they’ll provide you complete and detailed accounting of all services provided.  This helps support you with any medical insurance claim you may make.

Visit the IAMAT website to learn more, register for free or find the local health care you require.

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