Do you spend your valuable time searching for house sitting gigs? Would you like to be among the very first house sitters to learn of new house sitting opportunities? SitWishes from House Sitting World is changing how house sitters find great sits…



What is a SitWish?

SitWishes are the newest feature from  SitWishes with text notification ensure that you are among the very first house sitters to learn of a newly approved house sit sometimes within minutes of the sit being posted!

A SitWish is a custom saved search. At House Sitting World, you can make and save up to 10 custom searches. Unlike other search tools, the SitWish does the searching for you, all day, everyday.  And when your SitWish is granted, we email or text you.

How Does it Work?

Go to House Sitting World and sign up with your email address. Then go to SitWishes. Give your SitWish a name like Europe 2017. Select the date range you want. Then select the country or countries you would like to visit. Save your SitWish.

If you want to make more than one SitWish, repeat the process giving your new SitWish a different title.

To get the greatest benefits of SitWish, sign up for email and/or SMS notifications. Every hour our site is updated from our current platform partners Nomador , House Carers and HouseSitMexico. When a house sit matches any of your SitWishes, we send you a text and/or an email notification through our popular SitAlert feature.

When you receive a notification email or text, click on the notice to view the house sit. If you love it, apply for it.

Get to the front of the line for every house sit that meets your desires by making your SitWishes at House Sitting World.

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