House Sitting is a lifestyle rooted in the joy of movement and responsibility.

At the most basic level, house sitting is a win-win situation created by two parties to engage in the care of responsibility of one’s home and/or pets while the home would be vacant for a period of time.

How that all plays out is a vast sea of ideas that need to be navigated precisely to bring about the mutual agreement and understanding of the undertaking.

We have tools that will allow us to do this.  Sometimes it is the honed skills of a house sitter who has been doing it for many years. In other cases, it is a mutual connection between two parties that sparks the agreement of terms, and other times, it is a meticulous and time consuming barter back and forth to respond to queries that makes the connection. It may also be through extensive checklists and interview questions that both parties come to a mutual agreement.

All of these tools are valid and useful. Whatever you use to bring you to a solution is valid for you. Some people prefer to sign an official agreement which lays out each parties’ responsibilities.  Some people prefer to work with intuition and go with their gut. Whichever way you go, there is a mutual agreement of terms. A sharing of services (house sitter) and a provision of a place to stay (home owner).

This is the backbone of the sharing economy. People from all walks of life entering into agreements with other people who want the help each other.

International house sitters work for free. Well not really, but offer their services to home owners for free.  Each party is invested in the agreement.  The home owner has had to pay for their trip and accommodation, will pay for their food and entertainment as well. The house sitter has had to pay to get to the home owner and will also pay for their own food and entertainment.

To most international house sitters, it is not a job. It is doing something they love (travel) while also taking care of something they love (pets) as well as taking on the awesome responsibility of caring for your home while you are away.

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