Okay, the vacation is booked.  The rooms reserved.  Uh oh… what about the dog, the bird and the pond fish?

Have you recently had to take on kennel costs while you went on vacation?  Kennels can cost almost as much as the vacation package!!  Not to mention who is going to look after the bird and the pond fish?

Why is House Sitting an Option?

House sitting (and pet sitting) is becoming a new way for owners to vacation assured their home and pets are taken care of.   You can choose from paid house sitters or free house sitters.  Everyone likes free, right?  When choosing a paid house sitter you will find a variety of sites highlighting sitters who will sit for you for a set sitter rate.

house sitter vs kennel costs

In most instances, these will be folks local to your area.  You can also find people willing to take care of your house and pets for free.

Most international house sitters sit all over the world for free.  They travel and house/pet sit at the same time.  They will take loving care of your pets, keep your house safe and do what needs to be done to maintain your home while you are away.  Most insurance providers will void your home insurance if it is vacant for 48 hours (depending on your home insurance provider).  What a house sitter does is to ensure your home is ‘lived in’ and isn’t attractive to burglers, or take steps needed should an emergency arises.

What is a Sit?

The ‘sit’, as it is referred to in the community, is a mutually agreeable affair that is the result of email correspondence, facetime or skype meetings, and a set of expectations that both parties agree to.  It is a win-win situation for both the home owner and the house sitter.

Some sitters will only sit locally, while others will travel to your home.  Most local sitters are paid a specific sitter rate either set by themselves or by the website that ‘hires’ them.

Your pets will love you for making this decision, they will not be alone and they will be walked and fed and loved as you would if you were home.

Next time you think of taking a vacation, think of using a house sitter.

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