For The Perfect House Profile

  • Be honest
  • Create clear expectations
  • Know what type of house sitter you need and want

Your essential responsibilities as a homeowner to your house sitter

  • Provide a safe and clean environment
  • Have clear expectations agreed upon before the sit
  • Provide the sitter with a detailed handbook (Book of the House) spelling out those expectations
  • Ensure you are always available for communication. Discuss with the sitter your preferred method of contact, and provide your itinerary.
  • Ensure that neighbors or friends know that someone is going to be in your home
  • Alert your veterinarian.  Establish an account with the vet. Ensure a consent for medical treatment is in place.
  • Ensure the sitter is aware of the operation of your home and contents
  • Ensure there is enough safety gear and fuel to operate any equipment required
  • Ensure there is enough food for animals for the duration of the sit
  • Leave some ‘mad’ money just in case or ensure that you have accounts set up with the vet and/or other service providers…the sitter should never be out of pocket

Create a Book of the House for your sitter

  • Provide your sitter with all the detailed information about your house and neighborhood.  An indispensable tool.
  • Download our Book of the House


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