Can the Grandfather of House-Sitting Keep Up with the Kids?

When it comes to house-sitting platforms, a better question might be “can the kids keep up with grandpa?”

House Carers has been setting up house sits for 18 years. They basically invented online house-sitting platforms.  If that doesn’t instil confidence in you, there’s this: House Carers is virtually without complaint.  Their members love the site and for some great reasons.

The Longest Running Platform in the Industry.

No other platform has provided house sitting opportunities for as long as House Carers.  They have a sterling reputation that continues to grow after nearly 2 decades. Starting in Australia, House Carers has evolved into a full-fledged international platform. Memberships with House Carers are like a golden ticket, they always have great sit listings and opportunities. They’re trusted, reliable, and no platform has done it as long and as well as House Carers.

Fantastic Membership Pricing Means Excellent Value.

House Carers is among the least expensive platforms in the industry. In fact, with annual memberships at $50 USD, they’re an amazing value. Think about it this way, they’re almost 50% less expensive than some of the new platforms and have been around for 18 years. One great feature of House Carers is that they let you view sits before you join, something some other sites don’t allow.

Owners Committed to House Carers.

Some of the sits listed on House Carers are with owners who’ve been using the platform for – literally – a decade or more. They’re committed customers, experienced with the house-sitting process, and know what house sitting’s all about. That means you, the house sitter, are often dealing with people who “get it” and have been down this path before. I’m not sure any other platform can claim this type of customer loyalty.

Excellent Search and Notification.

While the House Carers site may not be as flashy as some of the newcomers, the product is solid. They send daily notifications to members and the search engine functions as it should, providing the opportunities you’re looking for. While the site might benefit from an upgrade, it boasts good functionality and you’ll almost always find a sit worth considering.  Additionally, they’ve partnered with to provide real-time sit notifications.

The Final Word.

With almost 2 decades in the house-sitting industry, House Carers reputation is unrivalled. They don’t over-hype themselves and one could say that House Carers is all about substance over style. Personally, I love the site.  Its remained true to the original nature of house sitting: trust between people. While they’re based in Australia and have lots of sits there, if you’re looking for an international platform at a great price, House Carers is a fantastic place to begin.  Dependable, and with a long history of success, the kids really could learn a lot from Grandpa.

Disclosure:  We’ve been, and continue to be, paying customers of House Carers for the last 4 years.  We have an affiliation agreement which began 1 year ago.

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