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HouseSittingWorld.comTM Offers Real-Time Alerts and Integrated Planning

In today’s online world, you don’t have to wait very long to find what you need. You know exactly when there’s an airline seat sale, or when that shirt you’ve been eyeing is 50% off. So why isn’t it the same for house-sitting opportunities?

Now, thanks to co-creators, Louise Read and her husband Tim, you can experience the same level of instant service to plan your future house sits… and the next few after that.

“As a full-time house-sitter, I became frustrated with how long it took to find and lock down the right opportunities,” explains Louise. “One night when we were house sitting in Roke, Oxfordshire, England, I had an epiphany that spawned the one-stop-shop approach for”

House-Sitting Made Easier

This ‘epiphany’ came in the form of some salty language, according to her husband, Tim. “I came back from walking the dog to find my wife cursing like a lumberjack because she’d spent a lot of time during the past few days looking for sits and she was a wee bit frustrated,” he laughs. “Replies were scarce, sits were already taken, rejections were mounting and, after going from site to site, Louise lost it.”

That’s when the pair decided to develop their own site to bring everything together in one place. benefits new and experienced sitters alike, featuring automated search and notifications from multiple sites, custom sit profiles, and an integrated planning system.

“My original idea began with ‘SitAlerts,’ an easy way to gather information from multiple sites,” says Louise. “I didn’t want to limit myself to one search profile. I wanted active searches for different regions and dates to plan out my next year or longer.  And I wanted to search more than one site at a time” does just that. You can set up searches for Italy, Morocco and Spain for next spring, and Mexico or Central America for the winter, all at the same time. The streamlined system connects House Carers, Nomador, House Sit Mexico, and Happy House Sitter for real-time searches and notifications that alert users by SMS or email when there’s a match. You can set up to 10 active SitWishes at once, based on your preference for location, pets and length of time. Your notifications will always match your saved search criteria and, when a partner platform lists a sit, you’ll know about it within two hours.  This short-notice time frame puts our members far ahead of the competition.

Your House-Sitting World All in One Place

Based on extensive input from house sitters all over the world, other features include:

  • Planning calendar: Track your sits at every stage from applied to accepted. Easily manage conflicts, travel, communications and more from ANY site or Facebook group.
  • Individual house-sitting profiles: Add notes and files to your sits so you can keep all relevant information in one place. Profiles include automated country-specific information (e.g., banking, language, laws).
  • Travel: Plan your itinerary. Using a start point and destination, view and compare all your travel options, including trip lengths and costs. Save your preferred travel itinerary to your house sit profile. Book flights, find hotels, cars, travel gear and other services.
  • Document storage: Back up and manage your documents in a safe and secure place, in case your device is ever lost or stolen. Store and retrieve critical travel documents or reference letters from any device, anywhere. Choose to encrypt your files to ensure only you can access them.
  • Resource links: Discover new travel destinations, learn how to build up your references, care for pets, read informative books, and download the latest apps, such as MapaHub and access For Sitters by Sitters, House Sitting Academy, and Pro House-Sitting Course at greatly reduced prices.

Both Louise and Tim are passionate about house sitting and they wanted to ensure the system is affordable to house sitters everywhere.

“The cost of membership is easily off-set by all the savings you’ll secure. For example, if you join, you can save 10–30% on individual house-sitting platform memberships,” says Lou. “With a $60 fee, premium members at can save around $300 by taking advantage of all the options.”

Author Bio

Tim and Louise have been full-time house sitters since 2015. Tim spent 20 years working in oil and gas, while Louise traveled extensively working with EA Sports.  With 2 kids and 7 grandchildren, they chose to pack it in, sell everything and explore the world. They have now visited 29 countries and 4 continents house-sitting on Greek Islands, Mexican Villages and a host of major cities. Louise was the driving force behind house sitting and is their first entrepreneurial venture. Their Facebook group House Sitting World has nearly 15,000 members and their Facebook page has 1,600 followers.

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