Nomador is a dynamic platform, a leader in innovation, customer service and offers great value to house-sitters.

They care deeply about the quality of their house-sitters, offer a great website, and their customer service – we can’t say this often enough – is exceptional.

Nomador is global so you’ll find sits in places like Suriname, Canada, Bali and Morocco; however, if you’re looking for Europe, this is a great platform to join.

Nomador was launched in Sydney in February 2014 by the founders of the French website ILIDOR, a European house-sitting market leader founded in 2007.  Nomador has been doing this for a very long time and they’re very, very good at it.

For what it’s worth, I feel that Nomador is, arguably, the best house-sitting platform in the industry.

5 Reasons to Have a Nomador Membership:

Identity Verification Is Included

You don’t pay extra fees for identity verification.  Simply send along the documents they request, and their membership team handles the rest.  Your documents are destroyed when your identity is confirmed.  It’s fast, easy, and adds to your Nomador trust score.

The Discovery Option is Free for House-Sitters

House-sitters can sign up, create a profile and respond to 3 home-owner profiles for free.  This is a fantastic way to get familiar with the site, it’s functionality and features. They’re one of the very few sites with such an offer so why not sign up for free today?

 “Stop-Overs” are Innovative, Valuable, and Free to Members

Nomador’s “Stop-Over” program is a fantastic evolution of their house-sitting community and a great option for members. If you find yourself without a place to sleep, “Stop-overs” might be able to help you.

Current members can choose to host other Nomador members for a night in their home.  Remember the trust verification?  It goes a long way to getting you a “Stop-Over”.

When we last checked, there’re over 300 registered Stop-Over properties globally.

Your Contacts Never Go Away

When your membership runs out, you can still access the site and communicate with your contacts. Nomador believes that your contacts belong to you.  If you see that one of your contacts is looking for a sitter, you can contact them through the internal message system – even if your membership has expired.  A great added-value bonus!

Homeowners Contact You Directly

Choose to have your profile available for viewing by any homeowner on the Nomador site.  They can view your profile and contact you directly, and this feature extends to Discovery Option members.

Final Words

Nomador offers technical features and resources that are outstanding, and they provide excellent customer support.

There’re no hidden fees or extra charges, and Nomador has built a community of trust by working with home-owners and sitters equally.

The Discovery Option coupled with the Stop-Overs and contact retention deliver incredible extra-value.

True house-sitting professionals, the Nomador team aspires to very high standards that benefit the entire community, not just the homeowners.

If you’re not a member yet you should check them out, because Nomador is doing things right.

Disclosure:  We’ve been paid members of Nomador for 4 years.  We have an affiliation agreement with them.

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