House sitting offers some fantastic benefits – the most obvious being the money you save on accommodation.  This is literally like winning the lottery: we’ve reduced our travel expenses over 3 years by nearly $90,000!  The napkin math is straightforward:  300 nights per year x 3 years = $90,000 if you use $100 as the average hotel price.  A huge amount of money you simply don’t need to spend.  Then, because we eat at home, tens of thousands of dollars more can be saved.  It’s phenomenal.

But there’s so much more to house sitting than the savings.

New Friends:

We’ve met some amazing people these last 3 years.  Some have been homeowners, others, house sitters and still others are serendipitous encounters.  These aren’t Facebook friends, these are people we’ve spent days and weeks with, learning about their goals, dreams, and lives.  We’ve shopped, visited restaurants, partied and laughed with these people.  In every case, they’ve enriched our experience and our lives and, had we not decided to house sit, we would truly be the poorer.

Amazing Sights and Sounds:

We’ve participated in Day of the Dead festivals, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, New Year’s in Istanbul, National holidays in Mexico, Spain, Italy, and Canada.  We’ve spent a quiet Christmas on a small Greek Island, and toured the Sistine Chapel, the Alhambra in Spain, St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice and the Hagia Sophia in Turkey.

As you meet local people, they invite you to events, and places that you’d never know about had you been a regular tourist.  Like a Sunday brunch/music festival on a small ranch in Mexico – strictly for locals.  Or a little hole in the wall restaurant in a Greek village that you’ll never find on Trip Advisor.

We’ve strolled through the streets of Reykjavik, Den Hague, Guanajuato, Venice, Fez, Merida and Valletta to name a few, but there’re hundreds more.

We’ve been able to kayak, surf and fish from the Pacific to the Mediterranean.  We’ve explored caves and castles, attended concerts and been entertained by street performers almost everywhere we’ve visited. We’ve seen volcanos, walked glaciers, swam in Cenotes and had isolated beaches all to ourselves.

Food – Who Doesn’t Like Food, Right?

What can I say?  Every culture has its deserts and you can eat them too!  Street food in every country that was delicious.  Turkish delight and Baclava in Istanbul, Snail Soup in Fez, Feta cheese on Tilos (not to mention the Gyro).  Arancini in Italy, Gelato in Florence and Arrachara in Mexico are “do not miss” culinary wonders.  Wherever you go, we suggest you get onto a food tour whenever you can.  Take some cooking classes so you’ve got a few extra recipes.  Try different things, don’t order off the menu; instead, tell the server you’re hungry and see what happens.


When you walk a dog in the hills of a Greek island, you meet goats, lots of them.  In Wales, you’ll stroll amongst beautiful mountain terrain. There’re the canals of Holland and Belgium the beaches on Canada’s West Coast and sand dunes of the Sahara.

Sometimes, you’re in an urban environment with so much to see or do, like the fish market in Catania, Sicily or the south bank of the Thames in London on a Saturday.  In San Miguel, Mexico, it seems that every night there’s a festival or celebration of sorts.  Each city or town is unique, and each is an experience we’ve had because of house sitting internationally.

We’ve been to over 30 countries, hundreds of cities, towns and villages on 4 different continents and we’re just getting started.

House sitting will save you money on travel and it’ll enrich your life through music, food, sights, and friendship.  It’s an amazing travel alternative and if you’re up to the challenges, one of the most enriching experiences you’ll ever undertake.

You can learn much more about house sitting, and how to start house sitting, at House Sitting World. (It’s free to sign up)

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