A mobile lifestyle and the benefits of house-sitting appeal to a lot of people. Literally, the first question people ask about house-sitting is: “how do I get started?”

To get started house sitting:

  • Sign-up for a house-sitting platform.
  • Go house-sitting.

I wish it was actually that simple, but it’s not.  If you’re considering – full or part-time – a mobile lifestyle and house-sitting, You’ll have to do a bit of leg-work.

Things to Consider

Can you live in someone’s house, follow their rules and instructions, care for their pets and keep your footprint minimal?

Where’re you going to sit?

Sit locally, within your country, or internationally?

Do you want short or long sits? That is, less than 2 weeks, more than 1.5 months

What type of pets can you care for?

Do you have a valid passport that’s good for 6 months beyond your expected travel?

Do you have the funds to sustain your travel and keep you fed?

Which Platform is Best?

recommended platforms

House Sitting World Recommends These Platforms

Platforms are really a personal choice.  As you look around, you’ll find a few you like.

There are international platforms and regional platforms.

Does it cost money to join a platform?  Yes.  Totally worth it.

Most platforms require identity verification. If you’re going to live a mobile lifestyle, you’ll need an address.  We suggest joining platforms before starting out on your house-sitting adventure.

Regional Platforms, like House Sit Mexico or Australia’s Happy House Sitters, are great but not all countries have dedicated sites.

Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the USA all have regional sites.

If you’re want to dip your toes into international waters for free, try Nomador.  Their Discovery Option lets you sign up and contact 3 homeowners before committing to paying.

Nomador is bi-lingual, French and English, and is international.

House Carers, another International, has been around for 20 years and have a great reputation.

There’re many more so check out the Platform Comparison Guide at House Sitting World.

Go House-Sitting

If you’re new and serious about getting started, the best place to begin is with “last minute” sits or sits starting soon.

These are sits beginning within the next 2 weeks.  They’re in need of a sitter and you want to house sit.  Everybody wins.

If you’re able to arrange a few last-minute sits, you can get experience and reference letters quickly.

Within 12 weeks, you might be able to do 2 or 3 short sits.Passport and airline tickets - House Sitting Checklist

This might involve some travel, but France, Mexico and the United Kingdom have lots of sits and travel in those countries is usually easy.

Be sure you know the rules for how long you can visit a country on a visitor visa.  Check your local government website.

The Schengen Zone in Europe has a lot of rules for visitors and you need to be clear on the time limits you’re allowed.

Should you decide to sit in a foreign country, when crossing the international border, you’re “visiting friends”.

A Great Profile: You Need This

You need a profile to post on the platform you choose.

Pictures are critical as are some references and a list of skills you offer.

There’re a couple of excellent courses you can take before you start house-sitting and one of them, Set-up to Stand Out, specializes in creating a killer profile.

If you want a house-sitting course, The House-Sitting Academy is worth the money. We started by doing the course and we’ve been sitting now for 4-years.  It was a great investment.  (Both of these have been added into one package now called, Freedom HQ, that also now includes modes on how to how to make money while house-sitting, more travel hacks and the House-Sitting Summit to learn from. )

Getting it All Together

House Sitting World is a unique website that supports a location independent, mobile lifestyle. They bring together everything you need to start and excel at house-sitting.  They offer fantastic tools developed through personal experience house-sitting full time, and it’s free to join.Laptop with house sitting features

Find sits starting soon using SitAlerts from multiple platforms.  Receive SMS notification matching your custom searches (SitWishes) to newly listed house sits.

A House Sitting World membership lets you plan, organize and manage your house sitting from your personal device all while saving money and learning multiple hacks that make house-sitting the best it can be.

Get started house-sitting and easily manage your mobile lifestyle by signing up for free now at House Sitting World

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