House Sit Mexico – The Key to Fantastic Experiences

It may come as a surprise, but the best-kept secret in house-sitting is Mexico. It’s a house-sitters dream with low prices, plenty of house-sitting opportunities and a great platform to help you out.  If you’re living a mobile lifestyle, Mexico should be on your “must visit” list.  Food, culture, history, easy travel and a great climate work together to make your house-sitting Mexico experience one to remember.

Launched at the end of 2016, HouseSitMexico is growing quickly. HouseSitMexico is a regional site so it offers all Mexico and only Mexico.  While the number of active listings is typically between 10 and 16, they fill a sit almost every day, and some of them are fantastic house-sitting opportunities.  Just last week a 6-month sit on the Baja peninsula was posted.

Mexico: For House-sitters, There’s no Place Like It.Guanjuato Mexico

We’ve done house sits in 4 Mexican cities, visited another dozen, and we’ve fallen in love with the country and the people.  From the weather to the food, the low cost of living and beautiful landscape, it keeps pulling us back.

Go swimming in a cenote or visit a hacienda.  Listen to excellent musicians and try the street food.  It’s not only inexpensive, it’s delicious!

Visit markets, drink fabulous coffee and always visit the main square at night.  Every town offers something, so you’ll not be disappointed if you choose to house-sit in Mexico.

Getting around the country is simple: you take a bus and the national system is fantastic.  Busses are affordable, extremely comfortable with WIFI and snacks provided, so being mobile isn’t a problem.

What’s more, the English-speaking population in Mexico have many extremely comfortable and sometimes extraordinary homes to offer. We’ve sat a condo overlooking Puerto Vallarta’s bay, beautiful homes in San Miguel, beachfront in Progresso, and funky little cribs in Ajijic.

That’s some of what you can expect in Mexico, and to make it happen, join HouseSitMexico.  Use our discount code to save you 25% (HSW25).

Great Features for House-Sitters and Homeowners


If you know that Mexico is where you want to be, HouseSitMexico regularly has more house-sits in Mexico offered than all the other platforms combined.

From its day of launch, the website has offered sitters online profiles with unlimited photo gallery options, Private Messaging, instant notification of new listings and a variety of search options including an interactive map feature.

The “Find a Sitter” option is great because homeowners can contact you, and soon they’ll launch a feature where house-sitters can review house-sits. This is a feature too many platforms don’t have.

For homeowners, HouseSitMexico offers house-sitters who are either in the country already or who are planning to be there sometime soon, plus all the added benefits of having Alex walk you through all the ins and outs of the process.  Alex provides a hands-on experience and is completely vested in your success.

HouseSitMexico is a partner and is a solid recommendation from us.

House sit in San Miguel de Allende

Less Competition Means More Success

It seems that sitters don’t yet know about the wealth of opportunity in Mexico.  We could sit there for six months straight and so could you.

Arguably, HouseSitMexico may be the best website for “newbie” sitters because the number of applicants competing for house sits averages 3 to 5 applicants.  That’s a massive improvement from some of the big sites where owners get up to 50 responses.

For those new to the mobile lifestyle or house-sitting, HouseSitMexico is a fantastic platform for building your references and gaining invaluable experience.

The cost of membership for house sitters is $79 USD per year, though House Sitting World offers a 25% discount (code HSW25).  Homeowners can join for free and list a house-sit (or future house-sits) within 14 days.  To list a house-sit after that, it cost $79USD per year.

If you’re flexible to location and time frame, some great experiences are waiting at HouseSitMexico.


Excellent Customer Care

Without question, Alex Gordon, the owner of HouseSitMexico, goes above the norm providing superior customer care.

She wants sitters and homeowners to be happy and our experience, as both a partner and customer has been fantastic.  Read through the platform testimonials and it’s obvious that HouseSitMexico is doing right by their members.

Not only does she respond to questions quickly, her encyclopedic knowledge of Mexico makes her an invaluable source of travel and cultural information.  The thing is, she’s more than happy to help.


Final Thoughts

Mexico is a low-cost high reward. At HouseSitMexico, you’ll find sits from beach-front Yucatan to the high mountain location of San Miguel de Allende.  They’ve great customer service and memberships are well-valued.

If you’re looking to get into house-sitting, or want to give Mexico a tour, make the right step and sign-up with HouseSitMexico.



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