Does your mobile lifestyle have you considering a house sit in Australia?  Mobile lifestylers should take a long look at Happy House Sitters to find great house sitting opportunities.

With almost 17 years of bringing homeowners and house-sitters together, Happy House Sitters has a lot of great house sitting opportunities and a great reputation.

Why choose Happy House Sitters if you want to house sit Australia?

Are you considering house-sitting down-under? If so, get a membership with Happy House Sitters because there’s great-value and they’ve got a lot of house sitting opportunities.

You can Suspend Your Membership

house siting opportunities australia

This is a feature I love and wish more house-sitting platforms offered.

Sign up for the 12 or 18-month membership and you can suspend your membership.

Your membership can last 2,3 even 4 years meaning you’ve got a lot more flexibility in your travels.

This lets you move in and out of Australia easily adding side trips and house-sits from the SE Asia region.

Listings, Lots of House Sitting Opportunities to Choose From

Happy House Sitters spend most of their time looking for homeowners.

That means “more houses per sitter than any other Australian site”.

Less competition more sits.  We love it.


house sitting opportunities australia

Money-back Guarantee

Here’s something you won’t find often.

If you buy either the 12 or 18-month membership and don’t find listings to apply for, they’ll refund $30 and extend your membership 3 months.

Given Happy House Sitters popularity, you’ll probably never need this, but hey, it’s nice to know they’ll do it.

You’re Not Punished for Traveling

House Sitting opportunities Australia

Happy House Sitters has a response rating for both owners and sitters.  If you’re not prompt, your rating goes down.

But sometimes, we house sitters are out of contact. Happy House Sitters system won’t punish you for living your mobile lifestyle.

In your account, you check “limited contact”.  If an owner sends a message while your “limited” it won’t count against your reply rating.

This means you can travel with limited internet access and not have it affect you.  Brilliant!

Last Words

Country-specific platforms can be hit or miss.  This isn’t the case with Happy House Sitters.

They’ve been listing homes and matching sitters for over 16 years, a great run for any company, and they show no sign of slowing down.

The biggest complaint I’ve got is that a lot of their sits don’t come with photos.

We contacted them and explained our concerns.  What did they do?  They sent an email to all their owners to say that listings with photos got more replies.

I love the responsiveness of the platform.

If you’re considering a trip to Australia, or you’re looking to travel in the SE Asian region, Happy House Sitters is a great platform that offers lots of house sitting opportunities in Australia.

Planning an Australian Adventure?

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