About House Sitting World


House Sitting World exists to help homeowners learn about house sitting and the benefits to your home, pets and property.  Additionally, we strive to make the life of a house sitter easier to manage with our SitWishes and SitAlert features.  Find sits quickly, plan your travel needs easily, and learn where to find the best blogs, videos and information about house-sitting.

House Sitting World’s long term mission is to help the house sitting community – platforms, sitters and home owners – develop and maintain high standards that make house sitting a great experience for everyone involved.

Like any community, we are a work in progress and as they say, it takes a village.  We are constantly searching for contributors to the site – from photos to shared experiences through V-logs and blogs – that will enhance our knowledge and support house sitters around the world.  Your suggestions are welcome and we hope that your involvement in the community is ongoing.

Our mission is to help grow, foster and support the international house sitting community, the sharing economy, and location independent living.

Why We Created this Space

We wanted a place that would allow us to find sits quickly.  There’s only so much time on the free airport WIFI for searching.

That’s it.  That’s why we’ve done this.  Frustration and time.

One site with a fast engine would be better than surfing 3 or 5 sites to find new sits.

Louise wondered (this is a true story, I promise) “why in the name of all things can’t we just go to one place and get a list of sits from everyone?”  Then she said some bad words and after a bit we chatted and agreed that it would save us a lot of time.  It would be better, Louise pointed out, “because this is insane!”

So the entire site is an evolution.  From one woman’s frustration comes the SitAlert and beyond are the SitWishes and House Sitting World.

Critically important historical note:

Nat and Jodie the founders of The House Sitting Academy and House Sitting World, approached us in early 2016 to discuss how we could work together.  They asked us to move House Sitting World forward based upon the idea of the SitAlert.  Without everything they’ve done, this site would not have been possible.

The SitAlert is a great tool:

  • If you have a time gap between sits.  You’ll find last minute sits.
  • If you are a new sitter then the last minute or short notice sits – those beginning in less than 10 days – should get you going.
  • If you want to know which sits are new to the platforms, they are here too.
  • If you want to save time.  This saves you like, a lot of time.  Really, it’s pretty impressive (unbiased owner opinion).

Plus, we can send you an email or sms (text) telling you that there’s an sit that matches your SitWishes.

We created this space because Louise knew some salty language, Nat and Jodie sent us an email, and we thought it would save us time.

Who We Are

Nomadic Grandparents. A semi-retired, professional couple who simply walked away from the demands of our respective industries. Why? Because one of our grand-kids has a shirt that says “should’ve,  could’ve, did”.  We were stuck at step two and we felt that simply wasn’t good enough.  Circumstances provided us the opportunity to make a change and we “did.”

Canadians, both of us have traveled through Canada extensively. Between us, we’ve been to every corner of the country, even the North Pole! Tim has been in the energy industry for 20 years and Louise spent 10 years within the video game industry before returning to executive management.

We have a long history of home ownership, love working on property, caring for gardens, landscaping and smaller maintenance tasks. Additionally, we have extensive experience raising and handling large dog breeds.

House sitting has allowed us to combine our experience with our desire to travel.

In the past year we have sold everything (almost), traveled to 4 continents, visited 21 countries and house sat over 200 nights!

We’ve met amazing people like Nat and Jodie, Alex, Bee and Paul. We’ve helped rehabilitate dogs, worked with home owners to solve issues large and small, and had great adventures from the Sahara to our favorite place, Canada’s west coast.

“Could’ve, Should’ve, Did.”

What Attracted Us To House Sitting

Given our background with home and pet ownership, and our desire to travel and learn, we looked into house sitting as an economical advantage. How much money could we save on accommodation if we are willing to exchange our services for lodging? Well, it turns out you can save a lot. At this point, house sitting has saved us over $15,000 in accommodation!

We house sit for 3-5 weeks and then take an adventure trip somewhere. Our house sitting gigs reduce the cost of traveling and we use the savings to pay for our extra special adventures. House sitting has brought us into contact with a variety of cultures and introduced us to new food, music and people. Through it all, we’ve become better people simply by having to be more flexible and more open to new or opposing cultural ideals.

That’s how it has gone for us. House sit, adventure, make friends, experience the world, house sit, adventure, repeat. What a phenomenal year!

At the Beginning

We signed up on two house sitting platforms, searched through the ads, sent out applications, and waited. For quite a long while we waited and then, we waited some more.

As panic set in we joined several other sites and then changed our goal from house sitting in Paris, Tokyo or Rome to house sitting anywhere. And that was our first lesson. House sitters must be flexible.

When we became more flexible, the house sitting world opened its arms to us.  Our first house sit was in North Wales, UK and, ironically, it was their first experience with house sitters.  One of their dogs, Rexy was a near twin for our dog Buddha who had recently passed away.  It was an excellent experience and well worth the wait.  We’ve sat there since and had to turn down a third.

With the first house sit and the first home owner reference, things quickly moved forward and soon we were having to decline home owner requests. A great problem for nomads. And our second lesson: references are currency. The more you have, the better your chances of securing excellent house sits.  While some owners don’t want them, most do and they are crucial to your success  through your first couple of years sitting.

Past sits became return sits, owners became friends and through it all we have met so many incredible people. Now, we are having difficulty imagining a return to the past.

Safe travels,
Tim and Lou