Home Owner Checklist for Interview Process

Be honest and up front about your home and pets

  • Is your home old or new? Does it have quirks?
  • Do your dogs jump or bolt? Do your birds need specialized care? Are any of your reptiles venomous?
  • Think in terms of staying at a AirBnB or homeaway, and the ad sounds fantastic and the pictures look good.. when you get there… not the same at all! How would you feel? You would likely give them a poor review.

Is there wifi available:

  • Do you have good internet?
  • Is there a bandwidth limitation or is it unlimited?

Is a vehicle available

  • Do you have a car you can add the house sitter to?
  • If not, what is the public transportation like in your area
  • Do they require their own vehicle (remote, rural, off grid locations)

What type of functions do they need to perform?

  • Keep the house clean
  • Yardwork (light – occasional mowing, weeding)
    • Lots of yardwork, prepping for winter, snow shoveling, keeping pipes from freezing
  • Pool maintenance (full maintenance or do you have a pool person)
  • Dog walking (how many times a day)
    • Feeding (any special requirements)
    • Medication (if any, how many times/day)
  • Does the house sitter need to maintain your business?
    • If so, how many hours a day?
      • How will you recompense them for their services? (this is over and above the spirit of house sitting)
    • Is it a full on BnB type of situation
      • If so, what are the duties?
    • Is it simply to answer phones and pass on messages?

Add pictures

  • A selection of pictures is best
  • A sitter may choose to look at your ad or pass it by based on pictures
  • A few to start is fine (kitchen, living area, bedrooms) so they get a sense of what they are going to be living in. You can always say “more pics available in the interview process” and give a ‘skype’ walkthrough
  • A picture or selection of pics of your pet is paramount

If this is a long term sit, will you expect utilities paid?

  • This may be a deal breaker for many sitters as their funds can be limited
  • The generally recognized convention is any term after 2months, utilities can be negotiated. Many sitters are happy to pay the overages they incur on monthly charges (eg: bandwith overages for internet, electricity overages, and/or other fuels for the home)
    • Decide if you would have the utilities on or off in your absence. If you would normally keep them on, then an overage arrangement should be considered.
    • If you would normally keep them off, and having the sitter would add a cost to leaving your home, a negotiation on the payment should then be considered.

Are there any other details you have left out or haven’t considered?