Tips for Departure Day

House sitters want to learn about your part of the world. That’s one reason they’re involved in this unique travel lifestyle. And they know caring for you house and pet(s) is a big deal. They, like you, want it to go well. Owners can help set up a great experience if they:

Reach out

Illness and injury to your pet can happen anytime. Arrange for eventualities in advance by speaking with your veterinarian. You can set up an account which will see to the needs of your pet if required. Also, provide a copy of this permission form for any treatment your pet requires. By providing medical care for your pet in this way, it helps to build the sitter’s confidence and indicates your expectations.

Walk About

With your sitter, walk through the house. Show them where the electrical panel is, where the main water supply can be turned off, where a gas line can be shut off. The more they know about the house, the better they will be able to react if required.

Be an Escape Artist

If your sit has dogs, about ½ hour prior to departure for your trip, ask the house sitter to walk the dog(s). Take this opportunity to leave while they are out. This offers the dogs and the sitter a chance to bond quickly. Importantly, if the dogs aren’t there when you leave, they will adjust faster to their new handlers.

Be Social

Make sure that your immediate neighbours know about your sitter, including their name and country of origin. Introducing them is even better! A network of friends and family are important if there is an emergency. Be certain that you leave lots of contact information in the Book of the House.

Provide Answers

Sitters want to know about life in your community. They will ask “how do we find…” or “where is…”? Shopping, restaurants, interesting places or things to see and do, these are an important part of your life. Share your knowledge of the land. Provide maps, directions and guidebooks, your house sitter will appreciate it. One owner left us a portable GPS which had been programmed with shopping, pubs, theatres, gas stations and the like. It was an excellent tool for us.