How To Build Up References

How do I get my references built up?

How do I find my first house sit?

These are questions we can help you with.

A question that comes up frequently, and one that we struggled with initially as well, is how do I build up my references in order to land the house sits I want?

You can begin by getting house sitting gigs in your local area.  Friends and family are the perfect starting point.  Put together a website – Website Builder is free – and create some business cards.  Post your cards in the local supermarket, or in the local paper.  You can put up signs at the local vet or in the local doggie daycare.  Get creative and get your name out there.

Ask for references from friends, family and employers.  These will show your skills and character from another point of view.

You can ask neighbors to give you a reference to speak to how you keep your home and your yard.

All of these types of references will show a prospective home owner what you are all about.

Remember that many veteran house sitters get their sits through referrals.  Once you are established as a house sitter, and have great references, you will be called back to do sits in places you have already been or be referred to friends.

So what else can you do?  Try using the House Sitting World Sit Alert.  Pay particular attention to emergency house sits beginning in less than 10 days.  These sits are the perfect opportunity for new sitters and references quickly follow.   Christmas, Spring Break and Summer vacation are the key times where the number of sits increase.

New sitters can gain experience and references by applying to help these homeowners out when they need it the most.  The sitter can then choose to join one of those platforms (if they haven’t already) and apply for the sit.  Your chances of landing those sits are increased by the need of the home owner.