Tips For Finding and Getting a House Sit

Create an Excellent Profile

This is your resume.  This will determine if a home owner takes a second look or passes you by. Highlight your skills with pets, home care, yard maintenance, or pool and hot tub experience. Do not forget to mention cleanliness or orderliness. Be honest and do not embellish.

Create a website

This becomes an extension of your references. As a sitter, it is your job to market yourself. A simple website is inexpensive and very powerful. We started with personal and professional references, pictures of our home, our pets, and a little bit of information about us. Link to this in your platform profile, if the platform won’t allow you to do that, include your website address in your cover letter. Owners will visit your site and it does have an impact on how you’re perceived.

Know your destination .. Focus

Know the general area you want to sit in. If you want to sit locally, then only look for sits in that area. Emphasize your knowledge of the area.  If you want to wander or travel, begin with picking a hemisphere. Do you want to be in the sun and on beaches, or do you want to go to main tourist areas and be able to sight-see?  Not all home owners want you to be out and about for the whole day.  Some will prefer you stay “close to home”. If you want to sight-see then make it clear in your profile. You may have to be flexible with your idea of house sitting.

Apply, Apply, Apply

As you start your search, apply to as many sits as possible. It’s a numbers game in the beginning. Not all house sits in the UK are listed on just one platform. Having membership with more than one will increase your chances. Regardless, stay positive and remember that almost all house sitters struggled at the outset. You will be ignored and you will be rejected. You will also be successful. We waited just over 2 months before our first assignment was confirmed.

Reply to all emails

Owners will contact you. They may not fit what you want, or you may not be available, but always respond to their emails in a timely manner. You can consider more than one sit at a time, but remember the timeline the owners may be on to find a house sitter.

Interview – “Sell Yourself – by Being Yourself”

The interview is key. It is best to have a list of questions prepared prior to the interview. Ask your owners all the questions you have. Answer their questions honestly. This builds the foundations of the trust you and the home owner require for a successful house sit. Ask to see the home, if possible, via Skype. You can also get a look at the pets (sometimes).

Seal the deal – Make sure you keep in touch periodically to let the owners know you are still on track

Once you and the home owner have agreed to the sit, you can enter into a house sitting agreement if you want. It is not required, but some home owners and sitters feel more comfortable with it in place. Keep in contact with the owner from time to time, prior to the sit, and ask any other questions that may arise between the interview and the start of the sit. It makes both parties more comfortable to keep in touch.